Chata Lysečiny

    Available schedules

    1. We rent the beds in the hut for 7 dayssaturday to saturday. It is possible to rent the whole hut (28 beds) for the week (e.g. for a school trip)
    2. The second option is an extended weekend or 3 night max. But we only offer this option when one week before the stay the hut is not fully booked. This means that the extended weekend stay can not be booked more than a week in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

    Beds prices

    • Extended weekend or 3 nights max: 500 CZK / night and person
    • 4 nights and more
      • September to June: 390 CZK / night and person
      • July to August: 350 CZK / night and person

    Available dates

    Price for renting the whole hut

    • September to June: 45.500 CZK / 7 nights (Saturday to Saturday)
    • July to August: 39.500 CZK / 7 nights (Saturday to Saturday)

    There is a capacity of 28 persons total (in 6 rooms: 4 five-bedded and 2 four-bedded). (more about the hut…)

    Other conditions and payments

    • The time of arrival will be after 3 PM. Departure before 9 AM.
    • A local resort fee will be added to the final price.

    Prices of other services available in the hut

    • Sauna: 90 CZK/kWh
    • Animal: 500 CZK/stay
    • BAIL for log-house: 1000 CZK

    Tips for school trips

    We offer to take care of the transport. Both a big bus and a small one (for 30 persons) would be available. In case of multiple rounds there can be saved some money if the rounds follow each other, that money would be returned to you.