Chata Lysečiny

Route length: 32,5 km (from that 20,6 km on foot)

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2: Sněžka and Pomezní Boudy

The route similar to the previous one but with going the opposite direction on the red route from Sněžka is also nice. It leads along the Pomezní boudy and Lysečinská bouda back to our hut.

By the way from Malá Úpa there is a nice playground, football ground, far-reaching meadows and a nice outdoor seating in a local restaurant.

Short route description

  • Dolní Lysečiny, no.10
  • 1,9 km on blue route
  • Horní Maršov, bus
  • 8,2 km by bus
  • Pec pod Sněžkou, bus
  • 1,5 km on blue route
  • Pec p. S., cable car
  • 3,7 km lanovkou
  • Sněžka, top of the hill
  • 0,6 km on red route
  • Jubilejní cesta – crossroad
  • 2,7 km on red route
  • Jelenka, the hut
  • 0,9 km on red route
  • Nad Sovím sedlem
  • 2,4 km on red route
  • Nad Pomezními boudami
  • 2,9 km on yellow route
  • Dolní Malá Úpa, the church
  • 0,5 km on yellow route
  • Nad Dolní Malou Úpou
  • 1,5 km on red route
  • Cestník
  • 1,0 km on red route
  • Lysečinská bouda
  • 4,7 km on blue route
  • Dolní Lysečiny, no.10